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Vivekanand Manch

man making nation building!

About the University

J.C. Bose University was established in 1969 as an Indo-German project, a joint venture of the National Council of YMCAs of India, the Government of Haryana and the German Central Agencies for Development Aid, Bonn, Germany. It was affiliated to M.D. University. In 1996 the state government took full control over the college. In 2009 it became a university through the YMCA University of Science and Technology Faridabad Act, 2009. In 2018 it was renamed to its current name through the YMCA University of Science and Technology Faridabad (Amendment) Act, 2018.
YMCA University offers undergraduate B.Tech and graduate Master of Technology (M.Tech) courses in various engineering fields. It also offers other postgraduate courses offering Master of Science, Master of Arts and Master of Computer Applications degrees. university also offers 3 year degree courses like Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Science in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Animation & Multimedia.

About Us:

Vivekanand Manch is the only socio-cultural club of JC Bose University Of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad.

With the motto of "MAN MAKING NATION BUILDING!", we try to enhance individual personalities that in the future plays vital role in the development of the NATION!

About Swami Vivekanand

The personality whose ideals we wish to follow!

man making nation building!

Vivekanand Manch wish to provide a hand in the development of the Nation, and we do this by developing the mankind in whatsoever ways we can!

Development starts at home and so does our work. We start by developing the members personalities and with the events try to do this in the university!

Developing every student!

Our vision is to develop each and every student of the university! Binding them together and make them good citizens of INDIA!

By developing we refer to providing social and moral values in every student. We look forward to achieving this with the help of the brilliantly hardworking team that we have.

A family far from the real one!

We treat each member of the club as a member of the huge family, with every student being equal and no differences based on the year OR branch they study!

We provide the students a new family far away from their real one just to provide them with love and care. No one is left behind and everyone walks hand in hand throughout their tenure in the club!

Our Timeline!

Development of the club in the past years!


Vivekanand Manch becomes an official club of YMCA! Members started giving ideas and the social works begin!!!


Started teaching poor children in the campus as well as Milhard Colony. Along with that performed the first skit and zumba performance!!!


The group discussions and study circle for VM members started. Along with that the first VM game event organised in the campus which turned out to be super successful!!!


VM Library came into existence, currently standing strong with around 200 members. VM launched its official website for student use!!!

Our Best Events

There are a great number of events organised by our members. Here are the best of them.

Teaching Needy

Teaching the financially backwards with a great heart and a sharp mind.

Mission Panchi

Started by feeding the birds, now upgraded to feeding other needy animals too.

3A's Workshop

Personality Development Workshop open for all students organised every year.

VM Library

VM Library that has every kind of books for students to read free of cost!

Vice-Chancellor's Message

Shri Raj Nehru

Vice-Chancellor J.C. Bose UST, YMCA, Faridabad

I am glad to know that Vivekanand Manch, the Socio-Cultural Society of J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad is now having its own website to promote student centric activities. Today, the youth of this country faces various challenges and I am certain that the message of Swami Vivekananda has the power to wonderfully guide them into the future. Vivekanand Manch is doing great efforts in this respect. From free teaching programmes to plantation drives, from taking care of birds and small animals to old age home visits, from awareness campaigns to personality development sessions – the Vivekanand Manch is moving forward on the path of social works every single day. As a Vice-Chancellor, it gives me immense pride to see students of our University, by following the ideology and philosophy of Swami ji, doing such generous and good deeds and I am sure that they will explore furthermore in these fields in the coming days. It is indeed a laudable initiative to launch a website by Vivekanand Manch, which I hope would strengthen its overall activities and serve as a platform for students to express their views, ideas and to share their knowledge. I wish all success for the new endeavour.

Teacher Coordinator

The guiding teacher coordinator of our club!

Dr. Pradeep Dimri

Associate Preofessor & Controller of Finance at JC Bose University Of Science And Technology, YMCA, Faridabad

"Vivekanand Manch” aims to generate leadership qualities in present-day youth to help them evolve as valuable human resource for humanity. It is an open platform which every student committed to Indian philosophy, culture and value system may choose to join and contribute. We are guided by Vision of Swami Vivekanand ji for India to have a new society inspired by the vision of dignity of man, his freedom and individuality, his strength and his capacity to love and serve human beings- through egalitarian society free from notions of high or low. It is an outcome of the voluntary efforts of committed and awakened students of the JC Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA Faridabad for the self-improvement via selfless service of the mother nation. Let the awakening continue ……………….

Alumni's thoughts:

There is a vast number of successful alumnis from our club. Some of them shared their views regarding us.

To all the students of JCBYMCAUST, you have secured admission at a good place and definately your future will be bright. Dedicated faculty/staff members of this university will bring the best out of you. They will make you technically sound and you are going to be among the great Engineers of our country but Vivekanand manch will make you a good human being. Vivekanand Manch covers all aspects of a good life varying from physical fitness, social, cultural, patriotic activities etc and ultimately will help you to have a meaningful life. Come and feel the meaning of life...😊

Aman Garg

Senior Research

IIT Ropar

सब करते ही रहते है western culture की बाते पर अपनी भारतीय संस्कृति से प्यार थोड़ा अलग है Hand shake करके good morning तो कहते ही रहते है पर हाथ जोड़कर,नाम के साथ "जी" लगाकर नमस्कार करना थोड़ा अलग है और भी बहुत सारे अच्छे अच्छे लोग है college में पर ये विवेकानंद मंच वालो की बात थोड़ी अलग है। भारतीय संस्कृति से प्रेम,समाज सेवा और राष्ट्रभक्ति की भावना ये ऐसे सिद्धांत है जो विवेकानंद मंच को एक विशेष पहचान देते है । देश और समाज से जुड़े कार्य करने के साथ साथ स्वयं के व्यक्तित्व को भी मैंने निखरते हुए देखा । विवेकानंद मंच में काम करते हुए मैंने बहुत सारी चीजें सीखी जो जीवन मे अलग अलग स्थानों पर बहुत काम आई और आ रही है। मैं हृदय से विवेकानंद मंच से जुड़े साथियों को शुभकामनाएं देता हूं कि आप लोग अपने समय का कुछ हिस्सा देश और समाज के कार्यो के लिए लगा रहे हो।


Scientific Officer
Vivekanand manch helped me in learning to integrate with people. It helped me to accept the people as they are and learn from each one of them. Manch helped me to create good habits in daily life which helps you in future when you enter into your professional life. VM gives full opportunity to develop yourself physically through Morning gatherings, mentally through various event participation in college, group discussions and socially thru teaching needy children, mission panchi.Time spend with VM during college time was worthy and always be in my memories. I am very thankful to all VM members and my university for providing this platform.

Vinit Jindal

Mechanical, 2k18 batch
Maruti Suzuki
From VOLUNTEER to MEMBER to J-SEC to SECRETARY, every experience for me was a new and fulfilling one. 'Manch' truly gave me the 'Manch' ( platform) where I ultimately did almost everything in my college life- anchoring, social work, dance, singing, stage play, team leadership, event hosting, artwork and much more to name. If there is a big progressive change in the attitude and skills of 'Abhishek of 12th Class' and 'Graduate Abhishek' , I would attribute that change to the VM. Manch gave me confidence, love, values, respect, feeling of contribution, happiness and above all a life-long beautiful FAMILY♥️ "Every family is beautiful,but ours is my favourite"

Abhishek Saroha

CE, 2k19 batch
Government Sector
My journey with VM family was life changing. When I entered the college , I had no idea about my social duties for the world, through VM, I got to know that if we don't care about earth then the life as a human is totally waste. It feels great from inside when u have done something good in ur life and follow the same for rest of the life. Through VM my daily routine and thinking ability has completely changed. We used to wake up early in the morning going for exercises and group discussions. As a member of VM, I learned to participate in events, developed communication skills, punctuality, acting and many more but as the secretary of the Manch I got to know how to handle situations under pressure, how to lead and guide a team in the proper direction, how to let go little things and arguments. It was a great experience. A big thanks to my seniors and VM.💓 At the end ,I can surely say that the only thing I've earned from the college is this VM family❣️

Harsh Rohilla

Mech, 2k19 batch
Government Sector
The time at college would have been rather colourless, if I would not have come across the amazing family that is VM. Starting with my introduction to the visionary Swami Vivekanand and his works and ideals, the rest of the journey with VM was nothing short of a magical ride. From being unable to express myself in front of few peoples, I went on to take some leadership responsibilities in the club in just a short time. And that was just the tip of the iceberg, with every social or fun event we organised the learnings and the time we spent together just made us stronger, as a group and also as an individual. There was always an amiable and loving environment in VM, which was the legacy of seniors of the club who always told us that this environment and teachings of Vivekanand are the crux of VM. Thanks VM for the all the dance practices, debates, tree planting, workshops and yes of course the parties. Love you all, try to be the best version of yourself everyday.

Divyansh Sangal

CE, 2k19 batch
The journey with vivekananda manch was very greatful and memorable. I'm very fortunate to have a chance to join such a great family. The thoughts of the manch brought a big change in my life . By living here I saw great changes in myself like punctuality, speaking skills , social behaviour, acting, dance.In my 3 years journey I got very good talented friend from the manch whom I learned a lot. The memories with all of them will be a best part of my life.I promise to all of you that , i would always be the part of vivekanand manch and also guiding the new generation with my learning and experiences. Love you VM family ♥️

Mehul Mishra

IT, 2k19 batch
Government Sector
In my opinion of 4 years of my college life, Vivekanand manch is one of the most few clubs in YMCA that tries to excel/improve in all of the areas from zero level whether its dance ,music, coding etc.Bonding is the most important here .So,one doesnot have to be great from the start.Anyone can join the manch and improve or find or showcase their talent if they didn't have the opportunity before. I got this opportunity to join ,support from my junior ,seniors of the manch if any problem.Will suggest you the same and be sure to reach higher heights.

Anmol Dua

CE, 2k19 batch
Vivekanand Manch is like a family to me. I'm very grateful to be a part of such wonderful club. The opportunities provided by Manch helped me to bring great changes in myself. These 4 years journey were the best part of my college life. Fest practice, late night hostel meeting, parties gonna miss them all. I am and always will be part of Vivekanand Manch and will share my experience with new generation. Love you VM family ❤️💞

Akshay Thusoo

IT, 2k20 batch